Text Box: From the Pastor
Church Painting

There have been many positive comments on how beautiful the painting of the sanctuary looks since it was completed before Christmas.  We are grateful for the donors as well as the gifted artistry of Conrad Schmitt Studios, New Berlin, Wisconsin.  I have been asked by many parishioners if we, as a parish, will continue to paint the remainder of the church.  At a recent meeting of the Finance Council there was unanimous support to go forward with the painting, following the same pattern and design as in the sanctuary.  Because there is quite a bit of area to paint, it will be necessary to separate the painting into stages as money allows.  The remainder of the church will be costly considering the amount of scaffolding needed to reach the high walls and ceiling.  Estimates indicate a cost of about $500,000.  Also, when the west wall of the church is painted, some work on the façade of the organ will be appropriate.

After speaking with Howard Haas, project director, and in consultation with two on-site decorators, we agreed the next logical step is to begin painting the side aisles.  For now, the north side aisle (Blessed Virgin side) will be the starting point which will include ceiling, the areas around the stained glass windows, and the entire wall running the full length of the church.  Conrad Schmitt will begin setting up the scaffolding near the back of the church (by Father Andrew’s confessional) this week.  Some pews will need to be removed in the process.  The painting will take several months but will be completed by Easter Sunday, April 16.

Depending on the amount of detail chosen, this phase of the project is estimated to cost between $80,000 and $100,000.  The Council and I would like to try and pay for this portion with simple “in-house” fund raising which will include a special envelope designated for painting of the church.  I would like to ask the cooperation and generosity of parishioners to help pay for this next stage in painting our beautiful church.  Soon there will be a special envelope at the doors of the church.  You may use this envelope every week, once a month or however you choose.  Though all donations will be greatly appreciated, we will also rely on some major gifts as well ($500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, etc.)  I am also asking all societies, groups and organizations of the parish to assist with this fundraising as well.  We will continue to add proceeds of the aluminum can collections to this painting fund.  At the time of a funeral, memorials to the parish for painting will be greatly appreciated and any Will bequests the parish receives will be put toward the painting.  We have done much but we have more to do in time for the 125th Anniversary of our parish in 2011.

For those parishioners still paying pledges for the renovation of Kolbe Hall, new kitchen and new elevator, you are asked to please fulfill your pledges on that project as soon as possible.  

In the bulletin each week we will keep you updated on donations received for the painting.  Thank you for your loyal support of Holy Cross.  If you have any questions, you may call me or Janice Frakie at 612-789-7238.