Today, May 3

· Sunday School during the 10:00 AM Mass.

· Polish Constitution Day after 11:30 Mass in gym.

Wednesday, May 6

· Faith Formation class for 1st Communicants.

Thursday, May 7

· AA & Alanon 7:30 PM in Kennedy Hall.

Friday, May 8

· Devotions and Mass in Polish - Adoration 6:00 PM.

Saturday, May 9

· Polish School 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.

Sunday, May 10

· Holy Cross First Communion at 10:00 AM Mass.

· Sunday School during the 10:00 AM Mass.



Gala Thanks -  Thank you to all who attended or supported our annual Gala in any way. We heard many compliments about the students’ performance, the Vicar General’s speech and the overall celebration of the evening.

Are you making a decision regarding your child’s education for 2009-2010?  If so, please reflect on this statement by the Catholic Bishops from their letter, Renewing Our Commitment to Catholic Elementary and Secondary School in the Third Millennium.  In it the bishops state that “Catholic schools afford the fullest and best opportunity to realize the fourfold purpose of Christian education, namely to provide an atmosphere in which the Gospel message is proclaimed, community of God is experienced, service to our brothers and sisters is the norm, and thanksgiving and worship to our God is cultivated.”  

Register to attend Pope John Paul II Catholic School, where academics, values, and faith development exist at the heart of each child’s education.  For information, contact the school at 612-789-8851.

FAMILY HOLY HOUR - Come, bring your Mother and celebrate Mother’s Day with Jesus at Family Adoration - a special afternoon of music, prayer, Adoration, Benediction and reflection, Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10th at Holy Cross Church.  Confessions - 2:15-3:00 PM; Adoration 3:00-4:00 PM.  Families of all ages are welcome!  Bring a snack to share!  Families should enjoy fellowship in Kolbe Hall after prayer.  For information call Terry at 651-748-1744; Carrie 612-789-5714 or Theresa 763-786-5206.

CRUISING WITH FATHER DON SCHWALM  - The following two cruises are being planned in 2009-2010.  Are you interested in joining Father Don on one or both of these adventures?

· Europe’s Heartland Tour - Paris to Prague River Cruise (Paris, Luxembourg, Germany, Prague) October 2-14, 2009. 

· Danube River Cruise and Oberammergau Passion Play (Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany) - July 11-19, 2010.

Space is limited. For more tour information, cost, or to register call Leslie at Travel About - AER World Tours at 612-377-9767.




JESUS, attune our minds to the sound of Your voice.  Lead us in the way YOU have shown us so we may enjoy the light of Your presence.


Visit JESUS in the Adoration Chapel with honor, praise, thanksgiving and petitions. 


Open Hours: Monday 11:00 AM; Wednesday 5:00 PM; Thursday 2:00 PM; Friday 1:00 PM.


 For information call 763-784-1317 or 612-781-4806.

PRAYER SHAWL UPDATE - Since the Holy Cross Prayer Shawl Ministry began in May of 2007, over 200 handmade prayer shawls have been given to parishioners and friends in need of prayers and comfort.  Shawls are crafted with prayers and are blessed by Fr. Glen before they are presented.  If you know of someone (man, woman or child) who is in need of the warm comfort of prayer through a shawl, please contact the Church Office.   You are invited to join us - all skills are needed (sew, crochet, knit, fleece tie, sewing labels).  We meet the last Tuesday of the Month at 6:30 p.m. in the School Library.  Please feel free to visit us at a meeting to see the shawls and to get copies of prayers, patterns/ideas and size guidelines.  For more information, contact Mary at (612) 379-4090.