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The disciples were terrified of being identified with Jesus and killed, so they hid out together behind locked doors. But that didn't stop Jesus. He simply appeared and offered them His peace to dissolve their fears. He will do the same for you. When you're shrinking from life's joys and challenges because you're afraid, look for Him. He will come to you and bring you His peace.


Goal - $1,500,000.00
Pledges & Gifts - -$1.374.285.05
Needed to reach Goal- $ 125,714.95

Pledges & Gifts - $1,374,285.05
Paid to date - - $ 887.787.75
Outstanding - $ 486,497.30

Thank you to the Holy Cross Parish Activities Committee for the gift of $3,000.00. Thank you also to all who continue to give gifts and make pledge payments. Donations and memorial gifts are most welcome as we work towards our goal. The yellow envelopes in the packet mailed to your home can be used for gifts and/or pledge payments.

 Offertory Collection

April 20, 2003..................................$3,364.00
Easter Sunday.................................$14,778.00

Thank you for a beautiful Holy Week
and Easter at Holy Cross.

I would like to thank in particular:
Those who came to worship Holy Thursday,
Good Friday and Easter.
Those who gave generously to the Holy Week
and Easter collections.
The men who were apostles on Holy Thursday.
The choirs and musicians for the wonderful music.
The decorating committee for beautifying the church.
The ushers, servers, lectors and
communion distributors for all their help.
Those who sent cards, gifts and words
of support to the priests and staff.
All who worked behind the scenes - especially the staff.

May the Risen Lord Bless You ALL!

Father David Ostrowski, Pastor

HOLY CROSS SENIORS "GET-TOGETHER" on Friday, May 2nd. Come and join the fun at our annual seniors "Get-Together." We will have Mass at 10:30 a.m. with dinner following. Cost is $10 and a reservation is necessary. Call 612-789-9168 to make your reservation. Deadline is Monday, April 28th.
CAN YOU SPARE ONE HOUR A MONTH? Volunteer drivers are needed to deliver hot nutritious meals to the elderly and homebound in N.E. Mpls. Call N.E. Dinner Bell 612-789-6548 for more information.
THE HOLY CROSS YOUTH GROUP F.R.O.G.G.'s (Forever Rely On God's Grace) will meet today, April 27th at 4:00 p.m. in the Pioneer Room. Anyone age 12 to 18 is welcome.
OUR THANKS TO the following people who delivered flowers to the sick and shut-ins of the parish this past Monday: Walt Gliniany, Joan Gottschalk, Jack Hennessy, Bill Kowalik, Henry Krawczynski, Frank Nawara, Burnette Polkey, Fred Polkey, Gene Serie, Joan Serie and Walt Stetz.

                Daniel M. Reiland and Colleen Salzer - I


Saturday, April 26
4:30 p.m. t Sophie & Joseph Jadlowski
Sunday, April 27
Second Sunday of Easter
8:00 a.m. t Frank Horazy and Deceased Members of the Horowicki Family
  10:00 a.m. t Harriet Moritko
  11:30 a.m. t Stefan Remiarz
    6:30 p.m. For the Parishioners
Monday, April 28
6:45 a.m. t Lorraine Lacina
Tuesday, April 29
6:45 a.m. t Martha Rekucki
Wednesday, April 30
6:45 a.m. t Helen Bueltel
Thursday, May 1
6:45 a.m. t John Malec
Friday, May 2
6:45 a.m. t Mary Zemba
Saturday, May 3
8:00 a.m. t John Bernier
    4:30 p.m. t Anna Gacek
Sunday, May 4
Third Sunday of Easter
8:00 a.m. t Deceased of the Kordiak Family
  10:00 a.m. t Catherine Wincek
  11:30 a.m. God's Blessing for Ewa Stefanski
    6:30 p.m. For the Parishioners

Readings for the Week of April 27, 2003

Sunday: Acts 4:32-35; 1 Jn 5:1-6; Jn 20:19-31
Monday: Acts 4:23-31; Jn 3:1-8
Tuesday: Acts 4:32-37; Jn 3:7b-15
Wednesday: Acts 5:17-26; Jn 3:16-21
Thursday: Acts 5:27-33; Jn 3:31-36
Friday: Acts 5:34-42; Jn 6:1-15
Saturday: 1 Cor 15:1-8; Jn 14:6-14
Next Sunday: Acts 3:13-15,17-19; 1 Jn 2:1-5a; Lk 24:35-48

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