Today, December 12

· Pick-up Jesse Tree Symbols in the Sacristy.

· Sunday School during 10:00 AM Mass.

· Family Adoration 3:00 PM in Church.

Monday, December 13

· Confessions 1:00 to 3:00 PM in Church.

· English Rosary Guild Meeting 7:00 PM in Kolbe Center.  Rose 107 will provide refreshments.

Tuesday, December 14

· Baptism Class 7:00 PM at River Village - St. Hedwig’s.

Wednesday, December 15

· Confessions after 6:45 AM Mass & 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

· Faith Formation class 6:30-7:30 PM in school.

· Choir Rehearsal 7:00 PM in Church.

Thursday, December 16

· Confession after 6:45 AM Mass.

· Pope John Paul II Christmas Program 6:00 PM - gym.

· AA & Alanon 7:30 PM in Kennedy Hall.

Friday, December 17

· Confession 6:15 PM, Devotions and Mass in Polish 7:00 PM in Church.

Saturday, December 18

· Polish Saturday School 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.

Sunday, December 19

· Decorate Jesse Tree at the 10:00 AM Mass.

· Sunday School during the 10:00 AM Mass.

· Advent Vespers 2:30 PM in the Church.

· Bible Study 6:30-8:30 pm.



The committee has been meeting to plan activities for 2011.  There are some fun new things planned. 

The first donation to help fund the year came from Ashley, Tara, Rachel & Norah Kluz.  The four grade school girls designed and sold 12 evergreen baskets at the Christmas Bazaar.  They gave the $100 that they made to the parish as the first donation toward funding activities for the anniversary year.  Our thanks to the Kluz girls for their creativity and thoughtfulness.

A parish wide fund raiser will involve individual donations of $125.00 towards our new “Honor Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” fund.  Details will be in the bulletin soon.

Text Box: OPLATKI is now available

Convent (back door) evenings
Church Sacristy after Mass
Rectory (Parish Office - side door) -         Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

THE FAMILY OF DORIS BRICK wishes to express our thanks to all who participated in our mom’s funeral from the organist, soloist, altar boys and the wonderful Funeral Luncheon staff.  A special thanks to Sister Benita, Sister Donna and Father David and to you her caring and devoted friends for all your love and support.  We are grateful.

CHRISTMAS BASKETS -  We are now collecting items for the Christmas food baskets.  Please share a can of soup, vegetables, fruit, etc.  Please make sure to check the expiration date on the food  and do not bring open boxes or bags.  We also need gifts for adults and children - clothes, games, toys, etc.  Any money received will be used for hams, potatoes, bread and others items for the baskets.

ENGLISH ALTAR & ROSARY GUILD MEETING - The English Altar and Rosary Guild will meet on Monday, December 13th.  Please bring your items for the Cancer Home to this meeting.  Rose 107 will provide refreshments.

THANK YOU - The English Altar and Rosary Guild wants to thank everyone who helped make their Bake and Craft Sale a great success.  Thank you to Roses 107, 108 and 109 for all their help.  Raffle Winners: Porcelain Angel - Joan Turpin, Resolution Basket - Alina Jambor, Candy Wreath - Marilyn Presseller, Holy Family Nativity - Chuck Wojciak, New Year Basket - Fran Mrugala, Candy Tree - Gen Niznik, Penguin Slide - Mary Soltys.

THANK YOU to the Petros Family & Felicia Szewczyk for decorating Kolbe Hall.  Our thanks also go out to the Kluz Family, Chris Peters, Ray Dehler and Tricia Dehler.  Thank you to Bonnie, Pat & Terry for serving Coffee and Donuts at the Bazaar.  God bless you!

at Holy Cross

Monday, December 13		1:00 to 3:00 PM

Wednesday, December 15	After 6:45 AM Mass and
					6:00 to 8:00 PM

Thursday, December 16		After 6:45 AM Mass

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM - Your are invited to attend Pope John Paul II Catholic School’s production of “Mary Did You Know?”  The annual Christmas program leads all hearts right to the Savior.  Wednesday at 2:00 PM at St. Anthony of Padua Church and Thursday, December 16 - 6:00 PM - Pope John Paul II School gymnasium.  Enter using the school entrance on 4th St. or the alley entrance.

Please remember Holy Cross Parish

as 2010 draws to a close.

Your increased generosity during the

Christmas season will be appreciated.