Welcome to Church of the Holy Cross

TODAY - OCTOBER 6, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Kolbe Center. The breakfast is sponsored by the Holy Cross Educational Task Force. $4.50 for adults and $2.00 for children. All proceeds benefit Task Force students attending Catholic high schools.
HAPPENINGS BOOKS are available from the Educational Task Force. The cost is $25.00 each. Contact Dennis Barry at 612-788-4209 or Mark Salchert at 763-572-8061.

Goal - $1,500,000.00
Pledges & Gifts - - $1.286.322.00
Needed to reach Goal- $ 213,678.00

Pledges & Gifts - $1,285,357.00
Paid to date - - $ 678.341.70
Outstanding - $ 607,980.30

Thank you to all who continue to give gifts and make pledge payments. If you are able to pre-pay your pledge, or make an occasional early payment, the parish will save on the amount of loan interest. Thank you also for the second-year gifts and Memorials given to the campaign. Every gift brings us closer to our goal. The yellow envelope in the envelope packet mailed to your home can be used for pledge payments and gifts.
                   PERPETUAL EUCHARISTIC
                                 ADORATION NEWS
When we look at our Blessed Savior in the Eucharist we see a paradox, a God that loves us so much He suffered and died on the cross so that He could remain with us.

With the eyes of faith we know that the EUCHARIST IS JESUS, with the eyes of love we know that He desires to be with us. Jesus stays with us to feed us with His body, to console us with His love, to comfort us with His gaze. Jesus asks us for love in return. He longs for our friendship, just as much as He longed for the friendship of His Apostles, the night of His agony, when He said, "Could you not watch one hour with Me?" (Mt. 26:40) He repeats that same invitation to us today.

The Adoration Chapel is located in the convent of Holy Cross. Open hours: Thursday 4:00 p.m., Thursday 5:00 p.m. and Friday 5:00 p.m. For more information call 763- 788-4729 or 612-781-4806. Thank you.
                              FUN'D RAISER

Our Confirmation Candidates are sponsoring an Aluminum Recycling Drive to help purchase new tables and chairs for Kolbe Center. The cost for the tables and chairs totals approximately $17,000. To date we have $11,009.51. The cost of one table and ten chairs is $600.00. Bags of aluminum cans (pop or beer) can be put in the containers by the doors of the church or by the garages behind the rectory. Thank you, thank you. Keep those cans coming - we're doing great thanks to you! Questions? Call Sister Benita evenings at 612-789-9168.
ATTENTION HOLY CROSS USHERS!! - No Usher's Meeting on October 16, 2002 as previously scheduled. Thank you.

Offertory Collection
September 29,2002........................$5,947.40

           Jason E. Stubbs & JoAnn F. Murzyn - I
         Kevin G. Lockman & Meghan L. Drexler - III


Saturday, October 5
4:30 p.m. t LaVern Winkelmann, John & Rose Mankowski, Frank, Mary & Andrew Gacek
Sunday, October 6
Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
8:00a.m. t Peter Dziekciowski
  10:00 a.m. Adorers of Perpetual Adoration
  11:30 a.m. t Maria & Henryk Harasim
    6:30 p.m. For the Parishioners
Monday, October 7
6:45 a.m. t Leon & Genevieve Kunca
Tuesday, October 8
6:45 a.m. t Deceased Members of the Barney Bursch Family
Wednesday, October 9
6:45 a.m. t Josephine Szymczak
Thursday, October 10
6:45 a.m. t Stanley Iskierka
Friday, October 11
6:45 a.m. t Karl & Maria Freisies - Anniv. Maria
    5:00 p.m. Kevin G. Lockman and Meghan L. Drexler - Wedding
Saturday, October 12
8:00 a.m. t Batkiewicz Family
    4:30 p.m. t Evelyn and Paul Krawczynski
Sunday, October 13
Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
8:00 a.m. John & Kasimira Sikora - 50th Wedding Anniversary
  10:00 a.m. t Peter, Mary and Edward Birch
  11:30 a.m. t Deceased Members of the Lawrence Niznik Family
    6:30 p.m. For the Parishioners

Readings for the Week of October 6, 2002

Sunday: Is 5:1-7; Phil 4:6-9; Mt 21:33-43
Monday: Gal1 :6-12; Lk 10:25-37
Tuesday: Gal 1:13-24; Lk 10:38-42
Wednesday: Gal 2:1-2, 7-14; Lk 11:1-4
Thursday: Gal 3: 1-5; Lk 11 :5-13
Friday: Gal 3:7-14; Lk 11 :15-26
Saturday: Gal 3:22-29; Lk 11 :27-28
Next Sunday: Is 25:6-10a; Phil 4:12-14, 19-20; Mt 22:1-14

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